First way:

1- Go to Offers 

2- Select Buy, the cryptocurrency you want to buy, then the method of payment you want to use

3- Select the offer that interests you most, try to chose the vendor with the more positive feedbacks.

4- Select the amount you want to buy then click on "Buy Now"

5- Now that you have opened the trade, talk to the seller and follow his instructions.(Never give your Cointal email or your phone number)

6- Once the payment done, upload the specified evidence of the payment and mark the payment as paid.

7- Wait for the seller to pick up the funds and release the cryptocurrency.

Second way:

1- Go to Offers 

2-Go to create Offers

3- Select Buy then the cryptocurrency you want to buy

4- Chose your payment method, your rate, the minimum and maximum quantity you want to buy, then fill up the terms and instructions fields.

5- Click on Create and wait for a seller to open a trade with you

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