N.B: To be able to sell, activate your 2FA method. It is obligatory.

, fund your Cointal wallet with cryptocurrencies. You cannot create an offer without funds.

Secondly, click on Offers > Create. You will then be able to create a ‘Sell’ offer with your own terms.

Once you have filled in all of the necessary information, click on ‘Create offer’. You should then see your offer’s preview. Here’s an example for selling Ripple:

To publish your offer and make it visible to Cointal users, don’t forget to make the offer visible by clicking the ‘Offer visibility’ switch.

Also, you can choose to sell your cryptocoins directly to someone with an offer for buying cryptocoins against a specified amount. You can sell your cryptocoins directly, and if the offer suits you, by clicking the ‘Sell’ button over Create > Buy and sell:

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